SEO Writing

SEO Writing
Traditionally, SEO writing has been all about optimizing web page copy by targeting keywords and keyword phrases. These keywords or meta tags are generally used in specific densities. Basically, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is used to help a website become more visible to the major search engines like Bing and Google. In truth, a highly visible website with good content will often appear on the first page of a search engine when users search for that topic. As a result, there is an incredible boost in traffic from search engine users.

On the same note, this is why SEO writing is in high demand. In fact, SEO content articles can make a tremendous difference in the traffic to your site. However, you do not necessarily need to hire an SEO writer in order to create good content that will generate traffic. With a few basic guidelines, you can easily write SEO copywriting yourself.

Using Keywords

A keyword is a word that is used to find a specific subject on the Internet. For example, a website and business that specializes in digital marketing will list keywords such as ”digital marketing”, ”seo”, ”social media”, ”google analytics”, marketing newsletter” and ”digital marketing blog”.

Keyword Phrases

The search phrases people type into a search engine is what’s known as keyword phrases. For instance, if a person wants to learn about search engine optimization (seo) writing they generally will type in “seo writing”. Hence, using the keyword phrase “seo writing” in a post lets the search engines know what your article is about and that it can help people learn about seo writing.

Keyword Density

There are numerous theories on the best ratio of keywords per words in an article. Some feel that the more keywords in an article, the better. Many will say that numerous keywords make it easier for search engines to find your article. However, stuffing keywords randomly throughout a post will appear very superficial and be of poor quality. As well, most search engines (including Google) frown on poor quality articles and will give the post a much lower rank.

On the other hand, many SEO writing specialists will say that keywords and keyword phrases should be about 3 percent. There are also other factors to keep in mind:

– The title of an article should always contain the main keyword.
– The first paragraph should contain your keyword or phrase; try placing it in the first sentence of the paragraph.
– Scatter the keyword through the article in random, one to three keywords in the main body of the post, depending on the length of the post.
– Makes sure the keyword is within the last paragraph.
– Always use the keywords or keyword phrase naturally. The sentence should make sense and read naturally. It should never be obvious to the reader that certain words are keywords.
Other Variables for High Ranking

Although keywords are very important when it comes to page ranking, there are other important factors to consider when it comes to SEO writing. In truth, modern SEO copywriting is about creating content so enthralling that people want to share it with everyone. In result, when a page is shared often, search engines recognize the popularity and importance of the post. So having social media platforms for sharing a post is an important factor with SEO writing. As well, the inbound and outbound links to a website or article is highly acclaimed by search engines such as Bing and Google.