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Welcome to the Digital Marketing BC Blog, where you will find some useful information about BC based digital marketing. Sharing information and helping you accomplish your professional goals will be my motivation for posting to this blog so if you found it  expecting to find some sort of secret recipe for fast results, without putting in some hard work, I am sorry to disappoint you but there will be no snake oil available on this blog! Excuse me? Free beer?! OK maybe, you never know..

Among other topics, I will be writing about professional digital marketing programs, along with some reviews based on my personal experience. I am currently very happy and lucky to be attending the Digital Marketing Professional Program at RED Academy and will be attending at least two other institutions that offer digital marketing programs in British Columbia. I will also be writing about digital marketing events, strategies for on and offline marketing and sharing some of the experience I gathered while working as a digital marketer for small business owners in Europe.

The digital landscape continues to change, social networks seem to be the wave of the future of digital marketing, but until Internet users stop keying in their search words at, on site optimization will continue to remain a key factor for bringing new users to your website, whether you are providing content, selling products or services, acquiring leads or engaged in building brand awareness. Try not to forget that content is king and that relevant content makes Google happy and you really want Google to be happy about your website, especially if you are starting off from scratch and can not yet afford to invest in paid targeted traffic by using Google Adwords or other paid online advertising services. Always make sure relevant search terms show up on your website.

Thank you for visiting the Digital Marketing BC Blog and for stopping by to check for new posts.